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Just to let you guys know I have created a vaping group for anything ecig related

I have one but I primarily use it for when I know I won't be able to get outside to smoke. However, I am considering giving a real shot at quitting with it here in the near future. I would save so much damn money, on top of the obvious health benefits. Although, I have heard some recent negative health related rumblings about e-cigs. Wouldn't be surprised if it was simply big tobacco causing those rumblings though.

What are some people's favorite flavors? I actually have a Cinnamon Bun one right now that isn't too bad.
@MoeZA my favourite juice is cuttwoods unicorn milk I buy every now and then as a treat but I mostly d.I.U now,definitely give it a shot ecigst have been proven 95% safer then smoking and your right them negative comments are coming from the big tobacco and pharmaceutical companies who are losing maybe millions of pounds because of them xx
I'm smoking a strawberry flavour one...very nice...haven't looked back since giving vaping a try with a look towards totally quitting...I've had a couple of relapses when I've gotten stressed and bought a pack of cigs but stopped easily without too much stress having my vape...I don't miss that tobacco smell on my coat and fingers and breathe a hell of a lot better...and saving on the money too.
Vaping helped me quit smoking. It's been nearly eighteen months since my last cigarette. I feel much healthier, i don't smell, and have a little extra cash in my pocket.

Same here. I accidentally quit by using an e-cig. The tobacco taxes went way up for the billionth time back in about 2009, so I got an e-cig to use part of the time. I immediately liked it better than the real ones, and then it was very easy to quit that a year or so later. I never could have quit real cigs that easily.
I need to give it a real shot soon. I can say I'm honestly starting to get tired of smoking, vaping has helped me cut back in the past but it still isn't quite the same for me for whatever reason.
@MoeZA - Yes...I found it hard at first with the transition...missing that drag on a cigarette and more of a kick out of them - but I stuck with the vaping and after awhile got past that stage.
Funny lasr night at work a guy I work with asked me to try his vape. I am a pretty naive person as I have never even touched a cigarette. I was asking what it was like and if it would make me throw up. I did it like he suggested and then felt a bit high feeling......he had a MJ cartridge in it so I had two first last night lol. I did let him have it for not telling whst wsd really in it. He and all my employees thoigjt it woukd be funnny to see their boss a little high once. Lol I can say it did help my anxiety though for it was right before heading home. Just a funny tidbit I thought I would share.
Darn it all! I keep falling off of the vape wagon and going back go regular cigs. I just don't get the satisfaction that I do from regular cigarettes but my will power sucks! My favorite flavors are coffee (and I hate coffee but it's a good smoke) also regular tobbacco flavor, the stronger the better. Also cappuccino mixed with regular tobacco flavor, otherwise it's way too sweet.
I started vaping about four years ago. It was so easy for me and I know that isn't the case for many people. I was a heavy cigarette smoker for a long time, so was surprised that vaping turned out to be an easy switch for me. It seems to be easier for menthol smokers (which I was) to make the switch because it is impossible to get a true tobacco flavor from vape. I started with an Ego cig-like unit and that kept me happy for a long time. I have upgraded my equipment to sub ohm, which requires a lower nicotine level. Honestly, I have never been tempted to go back to cigarettes. Non-menthol smokers have a harder time finding a flavor that satifies. I got my daughter off her Camels with an RY4 liquid which I mixed with a little caramel or mocha flavor. She eventually settled on a strawberry e-liguid as her favorite. For my menthol, I found one that tastes much like my old Virginia Slims Menthol Lites and that is the only one I use. The equipment is important too, IMO. The better the mod and tank, the better the vaping experience is. I KNOW my health is better. I haven't had bronchitis since I quit cigarettes. I don't cough, hack at night, etc. Also, my clothes don't stink. :) Vaping, in my experience, is a win/win.
I use vaping for med-MJ. Mainly heavy CDB usage, and some THC before bedtime.
@MRNUTTY what's the cdb oil like is it any good I was thinking of getting some xx

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@ladyghost that's brilliant I was quite a heavy smoker I have gave up completely now though when I first started vaping I had a fag if I was very stressed xx

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Ik ben het ermee eens @Paichka the kit is the most important thing it's worth investing in something decent ,many people I know have tried to give up on them pen thingies and couldn't do it then they have brought a mod/tank combo and kicked there habit xx
Whatever you do, don't buy one of those Blu e-cigs they sell at gas stations, etc. Early on I tried one and it ended up being pounded with the heel of my shoe. :D There are a lot of brands of mods and tanks on the market now - wattage control, temperature control, built in rechargeable battery, removable rechargable battery, etc. and there are some great prices to be found on the mods and the tanks. Sub ohm is the way to go for the best vaping. It can get very confusing, especially for someone new to vaping. I recommend the Ecig Forum for questions and advice. You can ask people here but all I can really tell you about is what I use and like.
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@MRNUTTY can I ask what the effects are like and do you become tolerent to it here in the UK it's around 15 pound for a 10ml bottle does that sound right xxx
I smoked for about 35 years and was up to about 2 packs a day when I quit with vaping over 3 years ago. I now have way too much gear and I've been making my own juice for most of that 3 years too. With the equipment investment for gear and DIY supplies I'm not sure I've saved any money over the cost of smoking but I'm probably at least at break even. My health is certainly a whole lot better and that's what my goal was when I started this whole thing so it's a win.
@kurtmed62 I know what you mean I have just brought a minikin v2 and uwell mini even though I don't need it,it is my back up for my backup for my backup lol I also d.i.y but I use the one shots as my juice was not even vapeable when I was using my own recipes I defo spend more on vaping then I did smoking but vaping has become a hobby for me now so I don't mind xx
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