Lyrica en fysieke verslaving: tolerantie breekt met GABA-medicijnen

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September 21, 2015
This past year pregabalin 150mg at bedtime was added by my psych. doctor because Z drugs don't help as I already on diazepam and my insomnia seemingly just gets worse the older I get

I took it nightly for a couple months, and suddenly it was doing nothing unless I upped the dose. Typical

I decided to ween myself from it to lose the tolerance and so that I would not be gaining addictions.

Having Valium made it possible, but I had painful shocks that went down my legs into my large toe every time I would even think a thought that would give me anxiety, and all the other classic GABAergic drug withdrawal symptoms, just dampened by having diaz.

I have read horror stories about pregabalin addiction, stuff like this but to experience it myself. I still use it, but I won't take it two nights in a row. I also pushed my diazepam dose down to 10mg per 24 hours IF I CAN TAKE IT lol...

It's hard but diazepam is long acting enough that I had a couple months where, though I get three per day, I was only taking one at night because like the Lyrica, it was doing nothing and I needed a dose reduction for tolerance. It helped greatly, as when 6pm rolls around, I can feel the Valium.. which I need because this year has been HORRIBLE

I just wish I could do this with kratom, but PK's are where I draw the line at being able to voluntarily discontinue unless forced. I become so depressed it's actually not safe... I dread forced withdrawal of any sort.

The older I get, the worse the war on patients gets, the more I see the need to hoard, and to worry... but try not to. When I only have a few pills, or a few grams of kratom before I either fill my Rx or buy more kratom, it gives me anxiety because I know how hard and fast life would come crashing down if I were to suddenly not have access. I'm glad I have some control over pain and anxiety via. the meds I can still get, but I also recognize they are sort of a necessary curse. I'm rambling
Glad you posted this, I just decided last month to try lyrica myself for the 1st time...bad idea for me. I only used it for 3 weeks and decided to take a tolerance break myself, never even thought twice about it.
Well friend, the last week has been hell let me tell ya. About roughly 48hrs after my last dose (300mg) this very dark cloud set in, a bad one. I was horrificly depressed, couldn't sleep a wink, bad anxiety, no appetite, and everything smelled bad? Strangely reminiscent of benzo and opiate wd, I didn't even think for a second that lyrica could have caused this cause I have started and stopped gabapentin plenty of times w no issue.
I have always heard these horror stories about lyrica but really thought these people were overreacting. I have since recovered somewhat, but still have lingering issues. Just a warning to anyone considering this stuff.
Wow. I was considering trying Lyrica. I have taken Gabapentin as needed but it gives me brain fog. It definitely helps my nerve issues but I can't take it if I am working or driving. I act drunk on 300mg.

I also fear weight gain- heard rumors that Gabapentin causes weight gain and thought Lyrica would be a better option.

If anyone has positive experiences, please tell us how much you take and any side effects. Do not like the idea of dependency so would only take it as needed.
The only thing gabapentin does for you is when you take it the first couple of nights it helps you sleep. After that it’s useless. Not only that it makes you gain water weight. M
I recently had surgery and doubled gaba dose to 600mg. Ive been eating more than ever and have lost 8-10 lbs. Maybe body repairing itself is burning the calories. Im also not sure it does anything, but I dont mind its side effects unlike most drugs. It is a good sleep aide for me and is said to potentiate opioids which is a good thing for me post surgery. p.s. I was already skinnyish 6, 165lb
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Was prescribed 600mg per day of Lyrica for anxiety. My psychiatrist started with 150mg and built up to 600mg. I was totally out of it for about 3 weeks. Then suddenly I appeared to have developed a tolerance. I did notice a massive reduction in my anxiety levels. This only lasted a few months. After about 6 months I felt that the meds was having no effect whatsoever. I stayed on that dose for two years before gradually reducing to 300mg per day with a view to potentially stopping altogether.
I reduced by 150mg at a time and honestly didn’t feel that much withdrawal. Nothing like benzo or opiate withdrawals. However I have stopped them suddenly a couple of times and suffered severe withdrawals. I actually have a stockpile of lyrica. I know this is stupid but when I decide to reduce/stop a med. I don’t tell my clinicians until I have started the taper, in case I change my mind.
I've had a psychiatrist suggest that neurontin could or would help me with PTSD, depression, anxiety. I can't stress enough to him the fact that I know just as Mecha said, it's completely useless after the first affect you get upon taking with no tolerance.

Taking high doses for years, does nothing other than cause dependence. Yet I still have to fight off having to get it Rx'd for silly reasons. No I don't want Gabatril or any other seizure med for mood. Complete waste, and dangerous to ME
Agree with everyone suggesting to stay away from Lyrica. Been prescribed for anxiety few years ago, started with 75mg which did almost nothing, The dose was upped to 150mg and then 300mg which did help but after about 3 months started noticing decreased effectiveness so asked the doctor to increase the dose which he refused. Tried upping the dose myself and finished my refill earlier.... and then the wd hit. OMG those were truly dark days, like being under a black heavy fog that suffocated me and would occasionally send jolts of electricity down my legs. Benzos did help but made me sleepy and unable to function. After about 2 weeks of hell things started getting better and eventually got back to more or less normal. Even though the anxiety returned decided not to go back to the evil Lyrica as tolerance built too quickly and wd were horrendous. Stay away from Lyrica if you can!
Lyrica can be a nightmare to get off of. After daily use for a few months: Anxious, tense and v low mood, not wanting to do anything... all felt dark and hopeless. I think similar to what others have mention. it took me a few trials like that to develop the only way I can sustainably use it to improve my quality of life (for anxiety/speaking) - a single 50-150mg dose, max once per week for me. Ideally longer 2 weeks. PRN like some people use a benzo. Since doing this it has been sustainably helpful (for me I must add). I know it’s licensed to be used daily but that just didn’t work for me at all; tolerance set in then dependence....

These sorts of drugs I put into the same basket due to their pharmacological similarities, also chemically similar, and having tried all 3, similar effects and propensity for quick dependence if used daily - though still so helpful if used sparingly at low doses with gaps between use (basket being pregabalin, gabapentin, phenibut, and baclofen). Back in the day would add GHB to this same basket; continuous use unsustainable it quickly proved to me.

I’d treat them all the same mainly but some have their pros a cons (personally prefer small doses of phenibut for confidence & giving drive and energy, a nuclear option try to keep this once a month max & public speaking, pregabalin for sleep or generalised anxiety). Baclofen have used as a middle ground for these.

main message is: I think these could be more useful long term if used sparingly when required at low doses vs the usual daily doses (300mg BD lyrica!)

Really must emphasise YMMV - just my personal system for what I use it for (may well be different to yourself)
I was so foggy on Gabap that I ran the bathwater over. Don’t like being that spacey. A bit numb, okay. But devoid of consciousness, no 😅
From what I read lyrica is just a updated version of neurotin that is 3 times stronger.
I think they problem is people is taking or being prescribed too much Lyrica, when there are boxed of 25 mg, and normal dosage it's 75 mg per day but when you can go up to 600 the differences in side-effects can be and are huge. I think doctors think Lyrica it's secure, it's is, and they increase the dosages too much and too early. I know a few people that with 150 mg a day are perfect but if they take more by accident they start to feel quite awful. Pregabaline was an improved version in theory.
I’m on 300mg a day for 5 mos and often miss a dose and notice nothing. In fact, I’ve never noticed much taking it including any pain relief. It did help with sleep at first, but so did gabapentin. I was going to ask dr to try something else next appt., Now these w/d posts have me concerned. Ohhh well, I’ve quit lots of stuff before.
@DB Dicey If you're taking the prescribed amount your withdrawal will be non existent or very minimal. As long as you are not abusing drugs, withdrawal is generally light or non noticeable.
@DB Dicey If you're taking the prescribed amount your withdrawal will be non existent or very minimal. As long as you are not abusing drugs, withdrawal is generally light or non noticeable.
Not true. I took 150mg BID for eight months to a year and went through moderate symptoms before it ended. From insomnia and added anxiety, to painful shocks down my legs during anxiety episodes.

Nuerontin in higher doses for long periods of time has the same effects. Withdrawal if not titrated properly
I personally stick to Lyrica as Gabapentin side effects are loss of hair ..No thank you that's why I switched!
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