Ik ben maandag weduwe geworden

Aanbevolen apotheken op apotheekbeoordelaar

Ik weet niet waarom ik dit niet heb gezien, maar het spijt me zo. Ik begrijp wel hoe je je voelt. Ik ben er een paar jaar geleden één geworden. de mijne stierf op 43-jarige leeftijd aan een hartziekte. Het kostte hem binnen een jaar de dood, en hij gebruikte geen drugs en was net als ik verslaafd.
Ik zal voor je bidden, hij is al drie jaar weg. het is gemakkelijker geworden, maar soms kan een liedje of een geur je de adem ontnemen. 💕
Denk aan de goede eer.
Gecondoleerd. Een partner verliezen is nooit gemakkelijk, en het moet vooral moeilijk zijn om je man te verliezen na alle uitdagingen waarmee jullie samen te maken hebben gehad. Het is begrijpelijk dat je niet bereid bent om op je 62e weduwe te worden, en ik kan me alleen maar voorstellen hoe schokkend en verwoestend het moet zijn om hem onverwachts te verliezen.
Het is bemoedigend om te horen dat uw stiefzoon en dochter er zijn om u door deze moeilijke tijd heen te helpen, ook al rouwen ze ook op hun eigen manier. Het klinkt alsof uw man vooruitgang boekte in zijn strijd tegen alcoholisme en ernaar uitkeek om verbeteringen aan uw huis aan te brengen, en het is pijnlijk om te bedenken dat hij er niet zal zijn om die plannen uit te voeren.
Weet alsjeblieft dat je niet de enige bent, en dat er mensen zijn die om je geven en je hierbij willen steunen. Neem alle tijd die je nodig hebt om te rouwen en je emoties te verwerken, en weet dat er geen goede of foute manier is om dat te doen. Mijn gedachten zijn bij jullie in deze moeilijke tijd.
I just wanted to post my experience from the first year of widowhood.
Everything in my house is falling apart and I am learning household repairs that I never imagined before. My husband never would pay anyone for things he could do or could learn to do. YouTube is saving me a fortune and we have every do it yourself book ever made.
But I am coping. Mostly about money because I am living off of 1/3 of the take home pay that I was used to but my kids would be more than willing to help if needed.
I've noticed that I guess people are uncomfortable around widows and widowers. Even my last living best friend is no longer a part of my life. First she moved 1800 miles away while I was in the hospital in June 2022 but I forgave her because she was afraid to tell me since I was there because of a stroke. My husband was livid. He said that's no excuse. I probably should have listened but I knew she was moving but waiting for her father to pass away but I guess couldn't wait. Well in September her dad died. I had known him 40+ years and liked him a lot. I even helped her out by taking him to cardiac rehab a couple times a week following his open heart surgery.
She texted me about him and I said keep me filled in on what is going on. She responded that she was flying up the next day but said she wasn't having a funeral. I arranged my schedule to have 4 days off that week. After a couple days I sent her a text on what is going on, no response. Nine days she was here about 20 miles away and I looked at Facebook and she was leaving the next day, and there were pictures of her with people that I didn't even think she was close to. Then the real stab in my back was reading about the funeral that took place. I should have been there. I called her and left a message calmly telling her that she hurt my feelings and she knew I was close to her dad blah blah blah. And she didn't even call back but sent a shitty text about me making everything about me. Which is the exact opposite of how I am. And said I'm absurd to have hurt feelings. I told her forget, I'm not mad and maybe our friendship just ran it's course. That was the last I heard from her
I apologize for the extremely long post but I shortened it actually 😂. So much for a 40+ friendship but I'm actually OK with it.
I miss my husband more than I ever thought possible. All the good memories came alive and I'm journaling when I can for our kids.
Being a widow socks but I am now learning to be completely independent and feeling pretty good about me except for the black days that pop up. Much less than a year ago.
Thanks for letting me vent if you made it this far in reading
i did read it @teresita and am happy you made it through a difficult year. you're lucky to have supportive kids too. your friend, though, wth? after all those years she treated you poorly. maybe you both moved on, but you should have been invited to the funeral.

living well is the best revenge and it sounds like you are.
@teresita you are doing great and I am very glad you posted an update! Friends really show their true colors when someone is going through a life altering event/throughout the entire grieving process. You dealt with an unimaginable situation by becoming more independent and learning how to take care of household repairs, which I think is admirable and totally badass! I hope you continue to thrive and are easy on yourself when bad days do come up. Sounds like you are better off without your friend, some people just aren’t meant to be in our lives forever. Glad you can take the good times with her for what they are and can let go of the rest.
@teresita, you had a stroke? Wow, that's serious and I hope you are ok. I realize this was before this year but wanted to acknowledge.

I agree with all the previous posters that WTH was your 'friend' thinking about not inviting you to her Dad's funeral. I would have been really hurt too. People really do just suck sometimes. SIGH.

Good for you powering through and learning how to do home maintenance and repair. Youtube is such a great resource. I am glad you still have family to whom you are close.

@Blackbird123 yes, in June 2022 I had a stroke but after about 2 weeks in inpatient rehab and 6 weeks outpatient pt, I was able to recover 95% of my left side deficiency. I feel like my left leg is still slower but I went from walker to a cane to walking on my own in 5 months. This was while my husband was nursing a broken shoulder that led to a shoulder replacement. He was always in excruciating pain then 6 weeks after the replacement, he died 😢. 2022 was not our year. Earlier in April I was in a bad car accident with my daughter and the left side of my face was smashed into the dash but nothing broken just "bruised cartridges " I was hideous looking. I thought that might have played into the stroke but everyone said no. They never found out why, blood work was good. One doctor said maybe it was from the covid vaccine but that always led to arguments. It would have been nice to have an explanation because without knowing, my neurologist says I have a 30% chance of having another within 5 years. I need to get back to my proper diet but I have no interest in cooking much. And I've had enough of roasted chicken breast. (I like the dark meat, lol) and I like salt on my veggies. Mrs dash doesn't cut it at all. I have nu-salt that's a little better, it's potassium instead of sodium. I also am trying to get more exercise and I know I'd feel better energy wise but it really takes a lot of motivation that I just don't have much but I'm forcing myself.
My kids may be older but they need me. My daughter's biological father died 17 days before my husband so she has been torn 💔
We're all trucking through together
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